Monday, December 22, 2008

Vince is turning 30!!!

Okay so Saturday night I was able to surprise the hell out of my husband. I threw him a surprise birthday party with all of his friends and family. I felt so bad because I had been lying to him for about two weeks so that I could keep it a secret. We had so many friends and family join us for the special occassion. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone for coming and for keeping it a secret because he had no idea. Thank you to all that helped me out because I was a mess and could not have done it without you. We had so much fun and really enjoyed ourselves. Vince was so surprised and happy to have all the company over at the house. He had been bugging me for about two months saying that we really needed to have an annual Christmas party every year. But I kept saying it was going to be too much trouble and that we just didn't have the room. So it was really hard not being able to tell him, but it was all worth it. I just didn't know what to get him for his birthday or Christmas because he is so hard to shop for so I figured the best gift would be celebrating with family and friends. Vince is a really big family man and he loves making memories with everyone.
The Texas State Bobcat Birthday cake. And yes there were 30 candles!!!
The Birthday boy blowing out all 30 candles!!!
Bryan and Jennifer. She's expecting and around 18 weeks pregnant!!!
Amera and Aly. I think Aly is up to something, you never know!!!
Ashlee and Braxton. She is also expecting and is around 18 weeks pregnant!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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