Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lets do some dishes

For those of you that keep up with Rebecca via FaceBook you have no doubt heard the stories of what the little man is up to lately. Today while Rebecca was in the bathroom Jake managed to find his way to the kitchen trash can and take a half eaten porkchop out of the trash and proceed to start chewing, sucking, and gnawing at it. This is not the only kitchen exploit of late, he has discovered that the dishwasher is the perfect height to climb on and has lots of not yet seen toys and gadgets:
He is under the impression that if he shoots you this smile that we will disregard the fact that he is doing something he is not suppose to be doing:
You might also notice his new hat. Its not that we are big fans of Charles Lindbergh and feel the need to outfit Jake in aviator hats from the 30's but rather this keeps him from pulling off his hearing aids. If you recall our April 21st entry Get That Hearing Aid out of your Mouth then you will know how hard this has been to keep him from pulling off his aids. For the time being the hat seems to work! I am not sure what we are going to do about the dishwasher and trash though!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Last Can!!!

We are almost finished with our last can of baby formula. We are so excited. About 4 weeks ago we started Jacob on whole milk and formula together. I knew he would do great on the milk because he never had any trouble with cheese or yogurt. I think he actually prefers the milk over the formula. I would because it smells a whole lot better and probably tastes better, even though I never actually took a sip of formula. I just have had enough spit in my face from laughing. I am so thankful to not have to buy anymore expensive cans of this stuff, Jacob would go through a large can in about 4-5 days, that's about $50 dollars a week in formula alone. I swear I think all the baby formula companies have a monopoly on the market because they know families have to have it. Stupid companies trying to take advantage of families. Well at least it's over for now until the next is born and that is a long ways away!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Swimmer

Vince took the day off to watch Jacob for me today while I worked this morning. When I got home it was such a beautiful day that we decided to head over to the community pool. We got everything together and Jacob looked so cute in his swim trunks. The pool was really busy with all kinds of kids and parents. We first headed over to the kiddie pool to make sure that Jacob was comfortable being in the water. He loves bath time so much we didn't think he would have too much trouble. We put him in his swimming tube and he took off. He was a little hesitant at first because it took some getting use to the cold water, but once he got over the shock we was fine. The kiddie pool wasn't too much fun for mommy and daddy so we decided to head over to the grown-up pool. Again Jacob was in heaven. He was a little unsure about floating in the water because his feet didn't touch the ground, byt he really enjoyed himself. After a few minutes he decided that he didn't want to be in the floaty tube and wanted daddy to hold him. He swam around awhile with daddy, but did not like being held out far away from daddy. He wanted both arms holding him the entire time. He did however like standing on the pool steps and hanging off of the stair rail. He kept reaching for the blue tiles and trying to pick them up. No such luck. Vince and I thought that maybe we could get him use to swimming if daddy and Jacob both went under water together. This is where it started to go down hill. He cried the entire time. He usually doesn't like to be held too much, but after that if we let go of him for just a moment he would scream. Poor baby!!! We soon packed up and decided that it was getting late and close to his nap time. We didn't want to ruin the pool for him and make it a bad experience because he was getting cranky. Overall I think he really enjoyed himself. We are definitely going to take advantage of the pool this summer. Maybe next year we will put him in swim lessons when he is a little older. Sorry we don't have any good pictures, we forgot the camera, but Vince was able to get one on his phone. I promise you he isn't crying. This is his new thing where he snorts and growls at us in excitment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Weekend

Vince, Jacob and I had a very much needed relaxing weekend together. Friday night we basically just lounged around the house cleaning up and watching T.V. It was fabulous. Jacob went to bed at his usual time and I think Vince and I both fell asleep before 10pm. That usually doesn't happen with me very much because unfortunately I am a night owl. I think I was worn out from the week and from the Friday ordeal. Earlier that morning I got a call from my dad saying that my mom wasn't doing too good and needed to go to the hospital. He rushed her over to the ER and they went ahead and admitted her because of her heart and breathing problems. She basically has been retaining fluid in her body and lungs and hasn't been able to get rid of it. The doctors all say this is typical after having heart surgery and that we shouldn't be concerned. Everything has checked out good and her heart is in great condition, actually better than before. So it's a good thing. They have kept her there until hopefully Monday or Tuesday and then she will get released. Yeah!!! On Saturday, Vince and I cleaned up around the house some more and did some yard work. The grass really needed to be mowed because of all the rain we got during the week. And now it looks picture perfect. Sorry honey I didn't actually take a photo. I promise I will next time. Then the three us headed to the grocery store to buy food for the family cook-out that night. We invited over some of our dear friends', the Carriers and the Wylies. Both families have a 3-year old and they get along great. It was perfect because they entertained each other while the grown-ups got to chit chat and catch up with each other. It was so much fun. It was also really funny to see the boys playing and running around with each other because it gave Vince and I insight to what to expect when Jacob is closer to that age. We can't wait! After dinner we all hung out and watch baseball, college and professional. Too bad the Rangers didn't win. Jill made a dessert, peanut butter pie. She found the receipe on the Pioneer Woman's website and it was so good. Unfortunately I only had one slice, but it's okay I think if I had anymore I would have gained about 10 lbs. It was a great evening. Thanks to the Wylies and Carriers for coming over and hanging out with us. We really did enjoy it. Sunday, again Vince, Jacob and I just hung around the house. Earlier I had bought Jacob two new toys, a basketball hoop and a baseball toy. He absolutely loves both of them. He immediately got the hang of the basketball hoop. I promise I will work on getting it on video real soon. It's super cute. He still has a little trouble with the baseball and the bat. He prefers to chew on each piece individually. But daddy is working on hitting with the left hand. I still don't understand why it's such a big deal to be left handend in the Major Leagues. If he sucks left handed it doesn't matter anyways, does it? Is there some special rule that if you are left handed and play baseball you are automatically drafted? If so, sign my kid up!!! Later that day we went to visit Mimi and Big Daddy at the hospital. She has been missing her little man and she desperately needed a fix. We stayed for about an hour before Jacob became too restless and needed his afternoon nap. It was nice to visit with them. Hopefully Mimi won't be in the hospital too long and we can come visit her at home. All in all it was a great weekend. Too bad the week has to begin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Requests

Okay I normally don't do this, but I am desperate. Things have been really stressful for me lately. I haven't been able to find a job in this economy and it is wearing me down to the point that I am becoming a little pissy and cynical. I hate to say it, but I am. The other thing that is bothering me is that Brodie seems to be having a few too many seizures. This stresses me out because it means that his condition is either getting worse or that we have to plan on him having more seizures more often. And lastly, today Jacob's latency test came back with abnormal responses. They aren't sure if his auditory nerve has hit a plateau or not. This means that we have to have more tests in the near future. So as you can tell I am pretty much at my wits end. I am asking everyone to please keep us in your prayers and thoughts. We really do appreciate it. This such a difficult time for us and we really do need it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Latency Test

Tomorrow Jacob will go with his Dad to Dallas to UTD Hearing and Speech Center for his Latency Hearing Test. This is his 3 month check-up to make sure that he is still on track with his hearing. There is a specific range that children his age should follow within that determines how quickly their ears and brain responds to sounds at different decibels and frequency. The first time Jacob took this test he fell within in that range. When we spoke to the doctor he said that it is very unlikely that once a child is within that range that they will fall out of it. I hope this is true for Jacob. I am asking everyone to say a prayer that things go great for Jacob and that his hearing only gets better.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Okay this might sound like a stupid question, but I have no idea how to do this through blogger. Does anyone know how to highlight a word and have it link to a webiste? How about a website address that will automatically connect you once you click on it? Help???

Cute Backgrounds

For all you bloggers out there I found some really good sites that have some really cute backgrounds for your blogs. They are super easy to install and some of them come with blinkie buttons and glitter flashies and more. Check 'em out. simplychicblogs thecutestsiteontheblock

Saturday, June 6, 2009

9 Months

I can't believe how big my boy is getting. Everyday he amazes me with all the things he is learning and doing all by himself. He is already starting to stand without any help from anyone. He usually can do this for about 20-30 seconds and then of course plops on his bottom and giggles. He is really getting into the rythmn of cruising with the coffee table and sofa. We will sit down on one end and he will move all the way to us in a matter of seconds. Vince and I think he is going to start walking before he turns 10 months. I don't know, but we will see. He loves food and will pretty much eat anything we give him. He has eaten strawberries, bananas, peaches, pears, potatoes, green beans, carrotts, whole milk, yogurt, cheese, baby crackers, vienna sausages (the baby kind), and anything else he can get his hands on. He already has 6 teeth that have come through. These last two have been a bit of a downer because they have been the most bothersome of all. Normally he had no problems before, but for some reason these are keeping him up at night and a little bit more cranky. He is also excelling in the verbal department. He is learning to communicate much better with Vince and I. He has learned to play a few games and can recognize a few commands and words. He is already starting to say "dada" and "mama" a bit. He recognizes the words for a few toys, the dogs, his bottle, both Vince and I, bath time, and few other things. This first year is flying by and before I know he will be moving out of the house and onto college. Everyday I try to remember how special and awesome he is to be mine my little boy. He is the most precious thing I could have ever asked for. I love you little guy, you mean the world to your daddy and me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playing around in the Study

So Jacob wanted to have a little fun in the office today while I checked my email and a few blogs. I know what you're thinking, "is his hand in the paper shredder?" And yes it is, but it's turned off and unplugged basically because of him.

Another One Completed

Another project completed today. I had an old magazine box that usually was filled with Jacob's toys. So I figured I would dress it up a little to go with the whole toy theme that we have going on in the living room. I think I did a pretty good job. Someone else also likes it too!!! Got it! That's what I have been looking for this whole time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Complete

It's finally finished. I have been working on the drapes for Vince's office for months now. I started the leather cornice right after Jacob was born and installed it about two months later. I then started on the drape panels and completed one whole drape about 3 months after that. So today I finally finished the whole darn thing. I took Jacob over to Nana's house because there was no way I was going to get anything accomplished with him around house. I got to sewing around 12 noon and was done by 4:00pm. I can't believe it. This project has taken way too long, but at least I finally have my dining room back to normal. It's no longer the craft project room. So here are the pictures, what do you think? I was going for a gentleman's hunting theme.
These are the drapes that I actually sewed all by myself. I am so proud. I will never do it again! This is the leather cornice that took three people to hang. It was a doozy to get up on the wall.