Friday, November 13, 2009

I apologize this has taken me this long to put together. Thanks to Raegan at for nominating me for this award. Sorry it took so long, I couldn't think of anything say about myself. Here are the rules for the award: 1) You must thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it. 2) You must share "10 Honest Things" about yourself. 3) You have to present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you. 4) Last, you must tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award. "10 Honest Things" 1) I love to design and decorate. You would never have guessed it by the piles of projects that I have all over my house. Just ask my husband what my favorite thing to do when he is out of town, I guarantee he will tell you she's painting the walls again. 2) I am very OCD and ADD. What a combination!!! There are some things that drive my husband crazy about how attention to detail I am, such as ironing the sheets before I put them on the bed, making sure all the clothes are hung on white plastic hangers, the blinds all have to hanging at the same height, etc. I could go on and on about the tiny little things that I am obessed about. But then you turn the corner and I've become the ADD girl that can carry on a conversation in multiple directions it would make your head spin. I seriously can start a conversation off on the topic of the Economic crisis we are in and somehow end up on the discussion of pureed dog food, a do or don't. It's just the way my brain connects things. 3) Same as Raegan, I love shoes. I pretty much have about 90-100 pairs in my closet. I did finally get rid of few so there aren't as many. And yes, they are all in clear boxes, stacked on top of each other and divided up into categories, color, season, and style. I told ya OCD!!! 4) I love the smell of the bathroom after we give Jacob a bath. It smells so fresh and clean from all the baby soap. If only I could get my whole house to smell like that all the time. 5) I secretly want to be Martha Stewart. Okay maybe not actually be her, but somehow build an empire like hers with crafts, designs, and cooking. I just need all those people that work for her to come help me build my empire. Of course it would be for free. Sounds like a deal to me. 6) I can stop whatever I am doing and always sit down and watch a chick flick. Even if I really don't like the movie. That's the ADD in me because it means that I was probably in the middle something that wasn't very interesting, like filing the bills and I wanted to procrastinate. 7) I really like to watch Reality TV. A lot of it is because I like competition and I want to see who would win, but I guess you can't consider The Real Housewives... a competition unless it's a race to determine who is going to use up their last brain cell first. And yes I still watch them all. 8) I love to read other people's blog. Regardless of whether they are happy or sad. I mainly read blogs about people that write about their children. I love reading about other people's perspective on their little ones. It is so cute and funny to see how we all look at our children and try to figure out who they will become based on different character traits and funny situations that encounter each and every day. Some days, it would seem as if Jacob is going down the path of a WWE ring fighter and then other days because he is so whiney I think he might become a politician. 9) I have the worst diet in the world. It amazes my husband that I will go a whole day only eating junk food and that I consider it to be normal. I am trying to get better at cutting back on the sweets and adding in more nutritional food, but it does creep in there every once in awhile. OMG I was horrible during my pregnancy. I am surprised I didn't gain over 60 lbs. I lived on KFC mashed potatoes, sour patch kids, smarties, and Arizona lemon tea in a can. Empty calories!!! 10) Becoming a mother has changed my life more than I will ever know. Jacob has been one of the most wonderful little boys I will ever have the pleasure of getting to know. I feel guilty sometimes about being a working mother because I don't get to see him as much as I use too. But then I realize I am a better mother for doing what I have to do for my family. Right now at this age he doesn't understand why mommy and daddy have to leave every day, but one day I hope he recognizes the sacrifices we've had to go through for him. While Vince and I enjoy both working, if we had a choice or of course won the lottery we would much rather be with Jacob.

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