Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My hobby

My newest hobby is my start up small business. If you know me, then you of course know that I am always working on some kind of project. Just ask my husband, he swears we have lost square footage in our house because of the multiple times I have painted the walls. I digress.

My new focus is re-finishing furniture pieces. Whether it's an old piece that needs a little love or something new that needs a special touch. i love updating furniture adn getting my hands dirty. I have always had the philosophy that home should feel loved, lived in and comfortable. I am not a big believer of having all of my furniture matching and looking like it came off the furniture showroom floor or a model home. And yes, I do know that some people prefer it that way because it makes everything easier to design around. Red goes with red, yellow goes with yellow and beige goes with everything. If you have ever picked up a design magazine and believe me I had so many of them I finally had to throw them out, and looked at all the photos in the homes, none of the furniture matches. But it all flows together in a cohesive mood. All of the furniture and accessories are like instruments to a piece of music. Some are soft, others bold or loud and some are added as a background foundation that keeps the entire piece together.

So that's what I am trying to accomplish with my furniture. Pieces that add character to the look of a room. Something special and one of a kind.

I have been working in our garage for many hours trying to get everything all set up and ready. I am also trying to put together a website that will have all of my information. I promise as soon as I am finished I will let everyone know. So stay tuned in for my new business website.

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Nana said...

Great idea, this is definitely one of your strong suits! Can't wait to see what you
got going so far.

Love, Nana