Friday, November 26, 2010

My Sweet Grandson

As some of you may not know my mother passed away from lung cancer on November 22nd. When I find the time and the energy to express what she meant to me I would like to share. In the meantime I wanted to share a letter that she wrote to Jacob, her only grandchild, that eloquently summarized her feeling for him.

My Sweet Grandson,

When you were baptized “Jacob” by your parents “Rebecca” and Vincent “Isaac” Porter,the biblical parallel was obvious (Gen. 25: 19 – 26).

Such an auspicious beginning carries a weighty responsibility, mainly to yourself, to strive for the loftiest goals your world will have to offer. During this time you’re destined to bestow blessings on others whose lives you touch, as you have already graced your family with.

When you made me a Grandmother and I held you the first time, I unexpectedly felt like my whole life had been leading up to this moment, the ultimate, miraculous joy that is you, Jacob Harper Porter.

Before you got here, I busily shopped for your first red tricycle, your first set of Lincoln Logs, and more. But I settled for a more practical First Christmas Gift, a fullsize Radio Flyer Rocking Horse! (His name is “Liberty” and he’s waiting for you over here at Nana's Stable.)

Precious Boy, if I got to see you everyday, I would still catch my breath at the wonder of the hand of God in my life. You instill in me the desire to be worthy of of You and all the other blessings I’ve taken for granted. Thank you.

You are progressing at the speed of light it seems: crawling by 4 mos. (remember how you liked to “crawl” up Mom or Dad’s chest when you were a couple of weeks old?)

You’ve got your first TWO teeth coming in now when you’re barely 5 mos.! You’ll be asking for the car keys any day!.

Mom and Dad diligently video/audiograph your every little event. Even before you you arrived, Daddy got nice pix of Mommy’s tummy with you inside which she hopes he didn’t put on YouTube. ( One tape, Jacob’s First Bath, is a study in What NOT to Do With Anybody’s baby!)

Jake, that one-of-a-kind brilliant smile you’re so generous with, melts my heart. I fervently pray that forever in your life and world, you’ll always have reason to use it.

I love you,


February 20, 2009


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Anonymous said...

She truly loved that grandson and was constantly telling of him!! It was so sweet and she is missed!
Brenda Johnson