Monday, March 2, 2009

Hearing Tests

Okay for some of you that don't know this, but our son Jacob was diagnosed at birth with a hearing impairment. We have been working really hard these past few months on his speech and language development and getting him to listening to noises. He has been doing really great and we have had a lot of success with him. Tomorrow and the next couple of weeks will be a little rough on Vince and myself because Jacob will be going through some more hearing tests. It's all standard procedure, but none the less it's still a little nerve racking. We ask that you keep Jacob in your prayers that he will pass all of these tests with flying colors because it will show how much his brain and nerve have matured over the past few months. The more they mature, the better the chance he won't have to have implants when he gets older. So if you pray every day like I do, remember to add Jacob to your list.


Raegan & Caleb said...

We're praying for Jacob and you and Vince. Hopefully the tests will have some postive results.

Kellie Pringle said...

We will be sure to continue to pray for Jacob and for you and Vince. I know this is all very trying, but I have faith things will work out for the good. It was so good to see you both last weekend!