Thursday, February 26, 2009


Little man and I went to the playground today across the street from out neighborhood. It was such a nice day that I figured we should go out and enjoy the weather and sunshine. Jacob loves being outside and looking all around what is going on. We played on the swing set and he was a little hesitant about it at first. But he absolutely loved it. It 's kind of like his johnny jumper, so he wasn't too scared of it once I started swinging him in it. He would get the funniest look on his face if it went to high, but mostly he enjoyed it. I tried swinging with him in my lap,but he just refuses to sit still. So that didn't last too long. The playground also had a small slide that he went down a few times. Of course I was holding his hands because I didn't want him to fall back and hit his head. He wasn't too excited about the slide. He pretty much could care less about it. So I picked him up and we tried the big boy slide on mommy's lap. Again he could have cared less and it was kind of tight. I guess slides aren't meant for big people. Oh well. Overall he really enjoyed himself and I love to get him out of the house just because it gets so boring being at home all the time.
I'm not sure about this thing Mommy!!!Okay maybe it's not so bad.
Hey I'm getting use to this thing. Swing me higher Mommy!!!

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