Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Motivation

For the past few days Vince and I have been trying to get Jacob to start walking on his own. He has been doing really well cruising around the house and crawling all over, but just hasn't had the motivation to walk yet. I know that some of you are saying to prolong it as long as possible because once they start walking it's all over for us, the parents. My main reason for him to start walking is because of his poor knees. It's summer time and he has the roughest knees because I don't put him in pants. He mainly wears shorts but they just don't help cover his knees enough. The other reason is because his hands and knees are always so dirty. I've decided that if he has dirty knees after two days then it's time to mop the floor. He's my personal dirt monitor. So after many attempts of trying to get him moving to objects that maybe he was interested in to walk towards he would usually give up and just crawl over. But I think I have finally found something that just might entice him a little more than a toy. FOOD!!! And not just any food, MARSHMELLOWS!!! He loves them. So I bought a large bag of the tiny bite sized marshmellows and I always keep them handy in the living room just in case. I think it's a great invention. I always knew my kid loved food, just look at the size of him.


rita porter said...

Nana's gonna get hold of Jacob tomorrow and see what this "walking" is all about.
He actually took a couple of steps for me last Weds., but saved the big event for Mom and Dad that evening. Since it's been almost a week now since Jake was at Nana's, I can hardly wait to see him 'show out'!

Anonymous said...

So glad y'all are such good instinctive parents. Sometimes its takes just plain old horsesense in a situation you haven't been in before. Jacob is really progressing so fast that for him to get sick he reverts to a vulnerable little baby, not able to tell you what's wrong, but y'all step up to the plate everytime. Grannies get excited but thats cause they're dealing with the child of their child; thats a very unique relationship.Love, Nana