Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lets do some dishes

For those of you that keep up with Rebecca via FaceBook you have no doubt heard the stories of what the little man is up to lately. Today while Rebecca was in the bathroom Jake managed to find his way to the kitchen trash can and take a half eaten porkchop out of the trash and proceed to start chewing, sucking, and gnawing at it. This is not the only kitchen exploit of late, he has discovered that the dishwasher is the perfect height to climb on and has lots of not yet seen toys and gadgets:
He is under the impression that if he shoots you this smile that we will disregard the fact that he is doing something he is not suppose to be doing:
You might also notice his new hat. Its not that we are big fans of Charles Lindbergh and feel the need to outfit Jake in aviator hats from the 30's but rather this keeps him from pulling off his hearing aids. If you recall our April 21st entry Get That Hearing Aid out of your Mouth then you will know how hard this has been to keep him from pulling off his aids. For the time being the hat seems to work! I am not sure what we are going to do about the dishwasher and trash though!


Caleb said...

Isabelle loves the dishwasher too, she gets so excited when we open it.

rita porter said...

He is giving that "I gotcha under my little finger now" grin - intending to melt away any thoughts you might have about 'dishwasher-disciplining' him. Love, Nana