Sunday, September 27, 2009

TCU 56, Tx State 21, Vince Negative $300

On the 19th our Alma maters met on the football field for the first time, Tx State traveled to TCU. We have had this date circled on the calender for a couple of years ever since I first started hearing of the possible match up. This was going to be an all out civil war in The PorterHouse. Of course my Bobcats play in the FCS (Football Champion Subdivision formerly known as Division IAA) and TCU is a FBS school (Football Bowl Subdivisions formerly referred to as Division IA). The difference between the divisions in football is fairly apparent as FCS schools rarely knock off a FBS school on the football field , therefore going into this game I knew my Bobcats stood a tall task. In fact before the game I found a website that had TCU favored by 35 points which is a huge spread in football. However with me being the homer for Bobcat Football I was willing to challenge Rebecca to a wager on the outcome of the game, not straight up but with points. With that said Rebecca would give Tx State 28 points and the winner got their bragging rights and a little something extra. For those of you that don't quite get point spreads, basically TCU would have to win by more than 28 points for her bet to win or else I would win (essentially the game was 28-0 Tx State before it even kicked off with my point spread). Anyway I threw this wager out at the last minute thinking it would be for bragging rights and maybe a massage or a something to pamper the other spouse. Well Rebecca's idea of being pampered was a Coach Purse. Not quite what I had in mind but I thought my Bobcats can keep it close and I get a new shotgun out of this deal so my win was a new 12 Gauge. Now I did not really need a new shotgun so I am fairly sure had my team won that I would not have pushed for this new gun. Rebecca on the other hand damn sure did not need another purse as she already has a few. Well as the game wore on it was 28-14 at the half and I could care less about this wager as I am hoping my Bobcats can pull off this miracle and win straight up. In the 3rd Quarter we get it to 35-21 and we have the ball on the 10 yd line about to push it in for a 35-28 game when our QB throws an interception and the wheels shoot off from there and TCU and Patterson proceed to run up the score in the 4th Qtr to make it a 56-21 final , as you can see the Horned Frogs covered the Rebecca/Vince 28 point wager so she wins. Of course she pokes and prods and enjoys her bragging rights as they won but the ensuing week she would not shutup about this purse. Every chance she got to rub it in she would, I would be sitting at my desk working hard on tax returns and get an email from Rebecca with a subject line of "Look at What I found at" as she would send me the exact purse she had wanted. So yesterday I finally owned up to my part of the wager and we went to the Coach store in Southlake and she picked out the one she wanted, here it is with TCU Purple Lining and all to make sure I never forget to the score of the PorterHouse Civil War:

All in all this game was a lot of fun. We had a big 20-30 person tailgate with a lot of folks we went to school with and really enjoyed ourselves. I absolutely love football season and getting a chance to go out and tailgate and mingle for a few hours with our friends, it was a lot of fun. However , the next time we face off on the football field I might take more points or knock down the prize as Coach is certainer proud of their handbags.

The week before last was also our 4th wedding anniversary and we got my mom to come to the house to watch Jacob and we went to Trulucks in Southlake for a anniversary dinner (Now that I think of it Southlake is taking all of my paychecks here recently). We had a great time going out as Rebecca has never gone before and gotten to indulge in their famous chocolate cake, wow that some good stuff. Here is a picture we coaxed the waiter into taking of us :

Good Times!

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