Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Painting 2009

We hosted our annual Pumpkin Painting at our house this year. We invited all of our friends and their kids to come on over and join in the festivities. We had such a great time. I guess I didn't really plan the timing all that great because it was in the middle of the UT vs. OU game. So that basically meant all the dads were pre-occupied with football. Oh well we all still had a great time. I think the kids really enjoyed themselves and the clean-up was not that bad. Basically you take the regular kind of paint and mix it with dish soap so that it washes out better.

I put down tons of newspaper in the rotunda and basically let the kids go at it.

Jacob even got to paint his own pumpkin. I think he paint more on his hands and face.

Austin was the master of the painting the pumpkin. He covered the whole thing.

"Jason say cheese!"

McKinnely looking at another pumpkin.

Mia was just content being the little artist that she is. She was the last one done and took her time. I see a gallery opening in her future.

Mia was so tired afterward she decided to take a little cat nap with Aunt Marisa.

We lined up all the kiddos with their pumpkins. McKinnely, Jason and Austin.

We had to take seperate pictures of Jacob because there was no way he would sit still with all the other pumpkins lined up.

He was so tired by the end of it he kept laying his head on Big Daddy's shoulder to take a little nap. Too bad it didn't last long because he kept getting interested in everyone around him. I am so glad that we decided to keep the tradition going. I think painting pumpkins is a much better idea than carving when it comes to kids. I know I didn't want a trip to the ER that day.

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Anonymous said...

A really good idea, painting pumpkins instead of carving. I see a future Rotunda Gallery opening featuring all these budding artists. Good show, Porters!. Love, Nana