Sunday, May 30, 2010

VIP's Backyard Bootcamp

Are you looking to tone up and lose weight this summer? Do you want to get in shape for the summer for the pool or the beach? Are you pale from too much office work? Then VIP's Backyard Bootcamp is the perfect exercise program for you.

This program specifically designed by Vince himself is a great program that tones, tightens and tans you for that perfect summer body. Best of all , its only once a week for 2 hours! You might ask yourself these questions :

Can an exercise program that is only 2 hours a week really help me?

My answer is simple, yes it can. My program involves cardio and strength & resistance training to really push yourself to the desired result.

I know , I know, your next question is , Should I already be in good shape to start?

Well eager exercise person, we can specifically design a program to suit your level of fitness from beginner to advanced.

Alright already VIP , When and where are these programs conducted ?

Classes are on Saturdays or Sundays at 2pm or 3pm in the afternoon at the gym of Vince & Rebecca at the front and backyards of the gym.

I am interested, so what is involved in the boot camp?

Now we are talking. There are four simple steps to complete the boot camp workout. The first step is Grass Elimination Push Pull. This involves using a specially designed piece of workout equipment that will be pushed and pulled in strategic designed rows to eliminate unwanted grass growth in the front and backyards of the Gym. The second step is the Weed Eater Power Clean. This involves taking a heavy piece of motorized fitness equipment to eliminate hard to reach unwanted grass growth. The third step is the Edger Crunch whereby you will eliminate the grass along sidewalks, flowerbeds, and trees to form uniform straight lines. The fourth and final step is the Clean Up Cool Down where you will sweep unwanted grass clippings into piles to eliminate via the Outdoor Vacuum or Blower.

Hey this sounds a lot like yard work to me?

The only one being cheated by not taking part in the bootcamp is you. I am a teacher and motivator but I can not do the workout for you.

Okay , Okay, How do I signup , what is it going to cost me, and where do I find this needed fitness equipment?

This is the best part, the class is free and all equipment will be provided for you. If you are interested in joining all you have to do is email Vince at the Bootcamps email address at :

Is this program provided year round?

You got me hear, unfortunately we can only take students from March to maybe Mid October. If we have enough participation I will gladly plant Rye Grass so that we can continue programs throughout the winter. However we will be offering alternative workout during the winter months like the Tree Prune & Flower Bed Rake Workout or our favorite workout The Christmas Decor Attic Climb and Christmas Light Hanging Challenge.

Here are a few words from friends and happy customers:

I have lost 1 lbs just watching VIP perform the Backyard Bootcamp. With my only being 1 & half years old I am too young to perform most of the exercises but my dad promises me that when I am old enough I can workout every week doing the Backyard Bootcamp.

Jake in Keller

I am only been able to perform the Grass Elimination Push Pull in March when its 75 degrees or lower but I can attest that its a tough workout. I have seen students after performing the workout in July and August and they are covered in sweat after the workout. The farmers tan that goes with the students workout is an added bonus.

Rebecca in Internet Land

Hope to see a new crop of students for VIP's Backyard Bootcamp soon!


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