Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye to an old friend

Well this past Memorial Day Vince and I celebrated by purchasing a new vehicle for the Porter family. Poor Vince was overdue for a new car. He practically had no A/C, check engine light was on, and other various issues. So we decided to go take a look at Ford Trucks. We all loaded up into the car and drove over to Mimi and Big Daddy's house so that they could watch Jacob for us for the afternoon. Little did we know it would be through the early evening hours until we finally were able to pick him up.

We first decided to visit Grapevine Ford. The place was packed. Did I forget to mention it was Memorial Day and all the sales. We were able to find a couple of trucks that we liked with all the options that we were considering and finally narrowed it down to one. After a nice test drive, they actually let us off the lot by ourselves, we decided to talk price tag. This is where it got sketchy for me. You can ask my husband, I always play the role of the bigger talker, but when it came time to negotiate there were a few times I had to step away. The tension was just to awkward for me. But it was kind of funny seeing a completely different type of personality with Vince. I know my husband pretty well, but we have never worked or sat in a business meeting together so seeing this shark like business money negotiator personality coming from him was a little unexpected. I almost thought Donald Trump himself might jump out and say "You're Hired." But all joking aside, he got us a great deal on the trade-in and new vehicle. He had already priced out all the options, knew how low he wanted to start negotiating and knew what he was willing to finance.

We finally got the financing office around 4:30 that afternoon and we were almost on our way out the door with the keys to our brand new truck. After an hour of paperwork, we we still had to clean out our old Jeep. We had already had it vacuumed and wiped clean, but we still needed to get our personal items out. We couldn't forget the car seat and garage door opener. We would've been in deep trouble. It was kind of sad saying goodbye to the old car. We have had so many good and bad memories in it. She has taken us to so many tailgates and football games. Many road trips to see friends and family. Lots of trips to the deer lease, always caring precious cargo on the back. Oh wait that was only one time. And last, but not least it was the vehicle that brought us all home from the hospital when Jacob was born.

        I still remember that day. Jacob was in his car seat carrier and I was next to him in the back seat, while Vince was the designated driver. I have never seen him drive so slow and cautious. Thank you Jeep for getting all home safe and sound.

                              We'll miss you old girl.



But say hello to our new Texas Limousine!!!



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