Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Vince and I started the day off at church at St. Patrick's Cathedral downtown in Fort Worth. We got there extra early because you never know how many people are going to show up for mass. It never fails that the two holidays people always attend church service for is Christmas and Easter. We ended up getting a whole pew to ourselves so we were able to keep Jacob pretty much entertained the whole time. He really does well during mass, but usually by the end he has had enough and is ready to either eat a meal or take a nap. Afterwards we headed over to my parents' home for Easter lunch. My mom had taken the time to put out the huge Easter eggs for Jacob to play with. These things are enormous. They are literally about 12 inches each egg. Oh and there were of course Easter carrots too!!! We had a great lunch with all of the family and even Jacob participated. Mom and I kept feeding him table scraps like potatoes and bread. I had even made some Easter cupcakes and we thought it would be funny to watch Jacob demolish one. Take a look at the second photo and see for yourself what became of the cupcake. He had it everywhere. And of course we got a full bath afterward. He had all between his fingers, his hair, up his nose and even some in his ears. He was a complete mess. Gotta love that kid. After we all had lunch and had cleaned up the Jacob mess, we played a little with all the gifts the Easter Bunny had brought. It was such an awesome day. Hopefully next year it won't run interference with the dreaded "TAX DEADLINE"!!! And maybe Daddy will be able to relax a little more and not have to run back home to finish tax returns.
Isn't he just the cutest little bunny you have ever seen? I know I'm a little biased.
Look at the messy face!
After bath time. He is such a hill billy baby. All he had on was a bib and a diaper. We had to wash and dry his clothes while he took a nap.

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