Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Bunny

Today my mom and I went grocery shopping at Carswell Airforce Base in Fort Worth for Easter brunch. We spent the whole day running around with Jacob and he was so well behaved. He cried a few times, but that's typical for him. While we were out we stopped by the BX to look at some things for Jacob in the baby department. Afterward we went and paid for our items. While we were in line the cashier had told us that the Easter Bunny was in the Food Court and we should stop byfor a visit. So we headed over. There weren't any other babies or kids at the time because it was around 2pm on a Thursday afternoon. So it was perfect. While I was with the photographer deciding which package of pictures to purchase, my mom and Jacob hung out with the Easter Bunny. It was hilarious. The Easter Bunny had Jacob cracking up and giggling the whole time, it was perfect. Usually we get a few good pictures of Jacob looking up and smiling, but this time I actually had a hard time deciding which one to purchase because they were all so good. He was having a blast. Take a look how cute my Boo Boo Bear is!!! I just love him.

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