Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get that hearing aid out of your mouth!!

When Jacob first got fitted for hearing aids we read accounts from other parents and heard from our Doctors that the children will put their hearing aids in their mouth or take them off all together all of the time. For his first 3 or so months of wearing the aids this was not a problem at all , lately however is a different story. This son of ours constantly has the hearing aids in his mouth sucking on them. We have bought one of the hearing aids and the other is a loaner from Cooks as we are still not sure if he will need aids long term or if we might go down another path for his hearing. It is to the point now where we leave the room for 2 minutes and come back and he has one or both in his mouth slobbering all over this $1500 piece of equipment. We had to send the loaner aid back to Cooks for some repairs as he gunked up the aid so bad. Fortunately we have not lost an aid or he has not damaged them to the point of no return. However the constant struggle with this child to keep on this gets tiresome. Therefore we are to the point of covering the aids in a "Nail No Bite" type product that tastes terrible and might deter him for sucking on these. Our other option would be to have him fitted for a football helmet so he can't get to his ears.

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