Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay my son is going to kill me when he gets older because of this video, but who cares that's a long ways off. So today I headed over to my parents' house after speech therapy to give them a chance to hang out with Jacob for awhile. Mom hasn't really had a chance to be around him much since she just got out of the hospital not too long ago. She is finally feeling better and was able to really enjoy being with him and playing. It was such a nice day outside that we decided to hang out on their back porch and get a little sun and shade in with a nice breeze. Dad figured it was a good thing to go ahead and give the dogs a bath because they kind of smelled a little funny after being in the kennel for a week. Afterwards, we all had popsicles to cool us off. Jacob loves popsicles, but hasn't quit mastered the art of how to eat them. They are kind of cold on his teeth and I think they give him brain freeze, but still he shoves them in his mouth. We striped him down to his diaper and straped him in the highchair and let he go at it. Once he was finally done, he was an absolute mess of stickiness, but still adorable. Mom suggested that I give him a full bath, but I just wasn't in the mood to do that at 2:30pm in the afternoon. So I got the brillant idea from my dad that we should just hose him off in the backyard. The water wasn't too hot or too cold, but just perfect. He loved it. I practically had to pry him of the iron bars to get him dry. It was so cute that we had to get it on video tape. Enjoy!!!


vincentporter said...

His future girlfriends and buddies will love this, good going Mama!

Anonymous said...

I heard it too, Michael!

No wonder you had to get the hose out on him.

He's sooooo cute! I think I almost heard him say Mama!

Carol Ann (I forgot my logon ID)

Don Carr said...

Those are classics - send the "shower scene" to America's Funniest videos!

Raegan & Caleb said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

How about some more!

Can't get enough!

Carol Ann