Saturday, May 23, 2009

How my morning routine has changed in 8 months

Before we had Jacob we knew , from family , friends, and the glaring obvious , that our lives would never be the same. With that said I just never knew I would be sitting at my desk on a Friday afternoon humming the theme to "Shaun the Sheep"! Don't get me wrong I am a fan of the show. Jacob and I usually get an hour in the morning together before Rebecca gets out of bed and we have a fairly consistent routine now. We drink our milk for 10-15 minutes in what seems is the only time of the day he will sit still for a period of time, then we are off to the races. First we empty the toy bin in the living room that mommy and daddy just got through organzing, once we have spread every toy out in the living room (which takes no longer than 5-10 minutes itself) , we then move on for daddy's attention and wrestles the sports page out daddy's hands with one hand and grabs for his cup of coffee from the coffee table with the other hand. Once we have shredded daddy's newspaper to a unreadable crumbled mess we move to the TV stand and start banging on the DVD Player, Daddy's Playstation, the VCR and grab for any wires within our grasp. At this point in time I usally tell Jake "No" and he will then proceed to cry for 5 seconds before becoming distracted by the DVD/VCR Tape Rack . He then moves for that at lighting quick speed and pulls every "Field of Dreams" "Full Metal Jacket" and Pilates exercise DVD/Tape off the rack and throws it on the floor. Once the living room is completely wrecked he will move on to terriozing the dogs. Brodie and Seven could not be any better with the way they behave around Jacob but to their credit they have learned to stay out of his way. Jacob usally spots a dog lounging on the floor from across the room and if he is interested will pounce on them like a cheetah hunting a gazelle. If quick enough he will pull their tail or grab a handfull of their coat and laugh as the dogs just look back at me with a "How long are you going to let this kid stay in our house?" gaze. The dogs now have caught on and when they see the cheetah coming they leave the room for the saftey of the grassland praires (our closet). By this time its usally 6:45am or 6:50am , this is the time for the "Hot Dog Song" on Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Jacob loves this song and it's worthy of it's own post in due time. So we sit there for a minute or two that the hot dog song is rocking out and Jacob stares with amazement. Once the song is over it's back to toys, dogs, and living room demolishment. At this time I am out of breath and begging to get into the office to take on something less physical like dealing with an IRS Auditor and working up a Statement of Grounds on a Sales Tax Redetemination for my clients. However before I get that that I usally catch the 5 minute interlude between cartoons on the Disney Channel which features "Shaun the Sheep"at this time. Dont get me wrong, I would not trade this new morning routine for anything on earth but it is exhausting chasing after an 8 month old with a mission. I absolutly adore, respect, and cherish Rebecca for her ablity to handle him for 10-12 hours a day , 7 days a week as it is no easy task. And when Jake gives us that great big smile and laugh it makes our day. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to hum the theme to "Shaun the Sheep" at your desk, enjoy:

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