Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Swimmer

Vince took the day off to watch Jacob for me today while I worked this morning. When I got home it was such a beautiful day that we decided to head over to the community pool. We got everything together and Jacob looked so cute in his swim trunks. The pool was really busy with all kinds of kids and parents. We first headed over to the kiddie pool to make sure that Jacob was comfortable being in the water. He loves bath time so much we didn't think he would have too much trouble. We put him in his swimming tube and he took off. He was a little hesitant at first because it took some getting use to the cold water, but once he got over the shock we was fine. The kiddie pool wasn't too much fun for mommy and daddy so we decided to head over to the grown-up pool. Again Jacob was in heaven. He was a little unsure about floating in the water because his feet didn't touch the ground, byt he really enjoyed himself. After a few minutes he decided that he didn't want to be in the floaty tube and wanted daddy to hold him. He swam around awhile with daddy, but did not like being held out far away from daddy. He wanted both arms holding him the entire time. He did however like standing on the pool steps and hanging off of the stair rail. He kept reaching for the blue tiles and trying to pick them up. No such luck. Vince and I thought that maybe we could get him use to swimming if daddy and Jacob both went under water together. This is where it started to go down hill. He cried the entire time. He usually doesn't like to be held too much, but after that if we let go of him for just a moment he would scream. Poor baby!!! We soon packed up and decided that it was getting late and close to his nap time. We didn't want to ruin the pool for him and make it a bad experience because he was getting cranky. Overall I think he really enjoyed himself. We are definitely going to take advantage of the pool this summer. Maybe next year we will put him in swim lessons when he is a little older. Sorry we don't have any good pictures, we forgot the camera, but Vince was able to get one on his phone. I promise you he isn't crying. This is his new thing where he snorts and growls at us in excitment.

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