Sunday, August 9, 2009

11 Months

I can't believe it Jacob is already 11 months old. He has changed so much in just the few months that we have known him. Trying to get a chair picture is harder than ever now that he is completely on the move and there is no stopping him anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, little Porter family, I just now am hearing "Jacob's Song" and
feeling your joy through the pain of this necessary transition in your life. This special child is
going to bind us all together as he grows into his own unique person. Rebecca and Vince, you've been given such a gift in Jacob, and the God-given tools to raise him up as you also raise yourselves up. There is a really old song that may complement your musical repertoire: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS - It's nice, too, but can never match the song you posted, which I 'll always remember as Jacob's Song. Love, Nana