Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 months old!!!

Yeah Jacob is finally 5 months old!!! I can hardly believe it. He is getting so big and active. Every day he is surprising me with all the new things he is doing. Right now he is crawling all over the place. I will put him down in one spot, turn for a second and look back and he is completely on the other side of the room. It's so cute. He doesn't quite have the crawling thing down perfect, but he's learned to do the worm on his tummy. The funny thing about all of it is that he still can't still up all by himself yet. Basically it's because he can't stand to sit still for a moment. If he is in the same spot for two long he totally goes crazy. He is also talking up a storm. He's learned how to blow raspberries and loves doing this especially after eating. So basically mommy is covered in baby food and formula. But who cares, he's so cute. So here are a few pictures that we've taken over the past few days.
Having fun in the Einstein, but now he is starting to hate it because he can't move around in it.
My big boy just crawling around on his tummy. Loving all the freedom he has.
Mommy better be careful.
He loves his squash and peas. Of course he hates rice cereal,
but can you blame him it tastes like wallpaper paste. I just love this picture. Mommy quite pointing that flashing thing in my face.


Raegan & Caleb said...

Too cute!

Our family said...

I can't believe how big he is getting, absolutely adorable. The time flies by so quickly so enjoy it!