Monday, February 23, 2009

Pictures from the week

This past week was filled with all sorts of new and exciting things for Jacob. He has been perfecting his Army crawl. I will put him in one place and the next five minutes later he is all the way across the room. And of course he is reaching for all the wrong things that he shoudn't be reaching for. But I guess that's what curious babies do. He is also becoming a huge chatter box. There is never a dull moment when he doesn't have something to say. Whether he is letting mommy know he's hungry or that he is absolutely laughing at how silly mommy is being. We continue to work on his speech and his listening. Speech therapy is going great. So great that we have moved his appointments from once a week to once every other week. Great news that he is progressing so well. The teething thing is getting better. We officially have two teeth that have broken through the gums. I can't believe he got two at the same time, but I guess it means we will get through this much quicker. So hopefully he won't be too fussy much longer. He really has been good through all of it. The only issue we have been having is that he keeps waking up more during the night and can't fall back asleep. Other than that he is chewing on everything in sight, burp cloths, toys, remotes, and watch your fingers. This week I also bought Jacob his first pair of tennis shoes. He probably won't be needing them for awhile, but I figured what the heck. With the way he is going he will probably be walking by eight months. That is so scary to think of, a very mobile baby means no time for mommy. Here are a few pics that I took during the week.

5 months old. It's getting harder to take pictures of him in the chair because he just can't seem to sit still for a second. He is always trying to get into something!!! He is also getting much better at sitting up all by himself. It's kind of the last thing on his list since sitting requires him to be in the same place for more than a minute.

See what I mean. He's got that look in his eyes that he is up to something.

Dinner time at the Porter house.
Jacob loves to eat. We have already tried carrots, squash, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, applesauce and a few other Stage 2 foods. Look at that messy face, I just love it!!!
Bath time.
This is what happens after we are done eating. He loves the water. I hope he loves it when he gets older and he is learning how to swim.
Play time.
Jacob can pretty much entertain himself. But he loves to sing songs and play games with mommy and daddy. He has so many toys to play with that Daddy has forbidden Mommy to buy anymore until his first birthday. But every once in awhile Mommy sneaks a few in.

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