Monday, October 11, 2010

First Time to Tailgate

Faces in the Crowd: Wyoming
We took Jacob to his first TCU tailgate this past Saturday. We had everything all set up and ready to go and boy was he ready for some football. He got to wear his own TCU purple football jersey. He did rather well at the tailgate. He played a little football in the grass area, sometimes he would sit in his purple chair, but mostly he would go from person to person asking for food.

The game and weather were perfect. We have five seats so that we can have enough moving room for all the adults and Jacob. He mostly sat with Mimi and Big Daddy becasue he can always see us at home. It was funny listening to my mom explain football to Jacob. She basically used really easy words like the Purple Monsters are attacking the Yellow Bad Guys. And then he would say "ARRGGGHHH!"

We stayed until the end of the 3rd quarter because we had already passed nap time and he was getting pretty restless at that point. But all in all he did really well, so we definitely will be taking him back for many more games to come.
Big Daddy and Jacob even made it on the Faces in the crowd website. That's where we got the above picture. We really didn't take too many pictures because it's hard when you are chasing after a 2 year old.


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