Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday

I can't believe I actually remembered to do this today. Of course you can tell that I haven't blogged since last week as well. But I have been super busy! But enough about that let's get on to the questions.

{one} grilled or fried? I prefer fried, I am a Southern girl. But if I am watching what I eat, then grilled.

{two} if you could change one thing about where you live, without worrying about money, what would you change? I would buy a new house with everything that I ever wanted, wood floors, new cabinets, window shutters, spa bathroom, and of course a beautiful landscaped yard for my husband.

{three} what is your favorite time of day? if I'm not working, then the late afternoon if the weather is nice and breezy.

{four} what’s your favorite cereal? Some brand called Oh's!

{five} do you open your mouth when you put mascara on? I can't seem to remember.

{six} if you could make any fictional character come to life, which would it be? probably something English and romantic, like Emma from Jane Austin's book.

{seven} what are your favorite pizza toppings? Really just cheese and pepperoni. I really don't care for pizza that much.

{eight} are you a heavy or a light sleeper? depends on if I have a lot of things going through my mind. I'm so OCD and antsy, I can't stop moving when I have things I want to finish up.

{nine} what is your favorite board game? Probably just good old checkers.

{ten} what star/celebrity do most people say you look like? A lot of people use to say that I looked like Natalie Portman or Ashley Judd. But they are so much prettier than me, probably because they have people who can do their hair, clothes and make-up. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we all had a styling team following us around.

Until next time.

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